If you've been wondering when the episode of the season would take place, Monday night's 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' (May 27) was replete with cat fights, bar fights and everyday fights galore. From Rasheeda's confrontation with waitress Jasmine to Bambi's hand-to-face introduction with Erica Pinkett, there was never a dull moment here. If there was one running theme it's this: the men need to control their "bitches," as said by Mama Dee.

First, Yung Joc has to think he's God's gift to women and the ultimate playboy because he tries to turn his messy bedroom banter with his homie/lover/friend Kadiya around on good ol' Karlie Redd. We all know Karlie is all the way nuts, but there's no question that Joc deserved the scare he received when she scooted into the driver's seat and drove off with the front door still open. How are you going to have your side chick meet your main chick and think the situation is going to be a rendition of Nas and Jay-Z circa 2001? Joc, that wasn't the smartest move. And what did Karlie say to him? "Control your ho."

After the rapper born Jasiel Robinson is forced to take a ride with Kadiya, Karlie Redd goes on a date night with her girls -- Rasheeda and Erika -- to catch up on their drama an unleash some of her own. But while she's telling the story of rap's newest reality playboy, Joc and his assistant/side chick Kadiya, Joc walks up on the crew. The first question here should be: Does he have a tracking device on Karlie? There's no reason he should be able to drive by her house and then magically show up to where she's meeting her friends for drinks. Wait a minute, this is reality "totally scripted" TV. Joc's excuse for cheating on Karlie and throwing it in her face is laugh-worthy. He thought she was cheating, which in turn, made him want to step out on their relationship. Boy, bye.

Meanwhile, Scrappy goes to Erica Pinkett to get some womanly advice after Bambi loses their baby. And Scrap being Scrap decides to share all the "biznayee" about his personal life with "the homie Erica." That's smart. Emotionally distraught, Pinkett yells out, "So you got somebody pregnant that you're not in love with?" With a confused look on his face, Scrappy reacts. "Now when you say in love, what do you mean by in love?" the rapper asks. We've seen this scenario before. Can we have something new, please?

Later on, Scrappy hits the streets to celebrate his 30th birthday, and raves about how he invited everybody, including Erica Pinkett. Since Mama Dee and Bambi seem to finally be on the same page, she looks at Bam and says, "Seems like some egg in the basket," when they see Erica's thirsty self hanging all over her rap hook-up. Joc and Scrappy must be hanging out at the same we-had-hits-in-the-early-2000s club because why would the side chick be invited to the same location as the main chick? C'mon, son.

Bambi and Mama Dee walk over to see what all the mess is about and Erica Pinkett starts talking about Bambi's miscarriage. Clearly she's trying to start a fight because bringing up any woman's child -- especially one that was just lost -- is the recipe for disaster. When Bambi turns to ask her man about what's going on, the caramel-skinned home wrecker puts her finger all in Bambi's face. This ends with a simple response of a clean right hook. Anyone could have seen that coming. And then, little Miss Pinkett just goes 'Twilight' crazy. She went from Jacob to werewolf in three seconds. Mama Dee's response to Scrappy: "You have to learn to keep your bitches in check."

The Stevie and Joseline marriage saga continues. Dawn and Mimi show everyone they have no life by calling Benzino and shed some light on the phony Hip Hop Weekly cover featuring Stevie and Joseline's "wedding." Maybe they're married, maybe they're not. Let's get the paperwork so we can put this storyline to rest.

To top off all of the disastrous moments, Rasheeda goes to visit Kirk's favorite sports bar. Yes, that really means she's going to visit his favorite waitress, Jasmine. But before the dirt is exposed on the "little toothpick," Jazzy's freshly sewn-in weave and professional make-up job for this episode is hard to ignore. Clearly she saw a come up when VH1 approached her about the role on the show. And now that she's a second-string regular, she's making sure she looks good. Even Kaleena from Diddy Dirty Money and Rasheeda's ride-or-die chick noticed Jasmine looked "cute."

As Rasheeda and Kaleena sit down and wait for Jasmine to walk over, the first thing out of her mouth is, "Is Kirk gonna be joining us today?" Rasheeda's head rightfully snaps before saying, "No!" And then it's clear she's taking notes from Karlie Redd because she cuts straight to the point. "Are you and Kirk sleeping together?" Jasmine smiles and replies, "No," but everyone should still be throwing the side eye her way.

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