for those of you who don't know the story  of Torrey smith, he is a wide receiver for the nfl's baltimore ravens and at a young age he had to take on the responsibility of raising his younger brothers and sisters while his single mom worked several jobs to make ends meet, yes it was young Torrey who had to wash and bathe his younger siblings and heat up hot dogs in the microwave for breakfast and dinner,through all of that somehow Torrey managed to  become a top wide receiver  at the university of Maryland and then become a second round pick of the ravens where he wind up  as a stater on one of the best teams in the league,the future seemed as bright as it could be for Torrey until early sunday morning when he received a phone  call that his younger brother tevin jones had been killed when his motorcycle crashed into a utility pole in westmoreland county Virginia. torrey left the team hotel in Baltimore where the team was staying  for thier game against  new england  to return home to be with his family not knowing if he would be able to return later that night to play,  after conversations with his mother and other family members Torrey made it back to baltimore in time to suit up and play with a heavy heart. after a moment of silence for his brother and with tears in his eyes, Torrey played perhaps one of best games of his young nfl career catching six passes for 127 yards and two touchdowns, all of this on just one hour sleep, as teammate ray rice said "it seemed like his brother was running with him tonight". too often we look at at our  pro stars as tough guys with no feelings,how could a young man with such a heavy burden hanging over him perform at such a high level? even Torrey is lost for words simply saying it's hard to explain because  i'm definitely going to miss my little brother but my teammates are helping me get through this  with the support of my family . RIP TEVIN  and god bless you and your family Torrey.