You may or may not be a big sports fan,but surely you have heard of Derek Jeter the captain and shortstop of the New York Yankees and Ray Lewis the captain and middle linebacker of the Baltimore Ravens.Over the weekend both players in their late 30's  were lost to their teams with season ending injuries. Jeter was the first to go down with a broken left ankle in the  Yankees playoff loss to Detroit, and Lewis suffered a torn tricep injury in the Ravens win over Dallas  Sunday. The loss of both  men  to         their teams is more then just having one of your best players off the field that's a given,but more important it's something both men have in common they are Leaders and  regardless of what you do for work it's important to have someone  you can turn to when  the going gets tough or  someone who has been through the tough times and can reassure you everything is going to be all  right .Leaders are born and make no mistake  not everyone is a leader, in fact most people don't want that burden, so when  a  great leader leaves a company or goes down with an injury we all suffer, so as you begin you work day look around your company or workplace and notice who are the real leaders and  how did they get where they are and what can you do to be more like them and set an example, after all the time may be coming sooner then you expect when YOU  will have  to take over that leadership role. I'm just saying !