The only people still in the running to win anything on the Bracket Challenges around the country are people in Wisconsin, and students on the campus of Duke. The rest of us are done. In the office, I, Big Q, have retained my title as the king of college basketball.

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I started out trailing after the opening weekend this year. I, like a lot of the south, got burned by Baylor's loss. I had them going to the final 4. But, so did everyone else in the competition here at the station, so that was a wash. Other disappointments in the opening weekend were UCLA. I bought into the hype of them not being any good, and shouldn't even been in the tourney in the first place. Turns out they had heart.

Of course my "South" bracket was doomed from the start since I felt obligated to pick the lads from NDSU. I know, they were pitted against a 2 seed in Gonzaga, but Gonzaga has always been overrated in this contest. I've chosen their band wagon many times in the past and have always been left on the side of the road in a bloody heap like the rest of the Northwest, so picking a upset here didn't seem like that much of a stretch armstrong. It was picking them to win again in the round of 32 that you could've made a case for my sanity. My only saving grace was that I picked Duke to win the region, and they did.

I thought I had a winner in North Carolina in the round of 16 as they were leading against Wisconsin, but couldn't lock it down. I've had a ton of people, in my mind, ask me about the secret to my success for being the King of College Basketball.

First key to success is proper research.

- I didn't watch a single game of College Basketball before the tournament began. All you really need to win is to listen to the professionals, then offset that with what those teams did when I was in high school, divide by the "cuteness" factor of their uniforms, and boom baby! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

- Next is proper diet. Don't eat one. This is a young mans game, so eat like you did when you were a young man. Pizza, Chilli, lots of Cheese, Chocolate, and Caffeine. It's the diet of champions baby!

- But the true key to winning the local station tourney is to not invite Jamien to play. He's smart, savoy, and younger than me. Add in the factor his S#*t talk is credible, well that's not good. Plus, he's in the top 10 in the national tournament in our company while I finished just outside the top 500.

Photos' by Jamien

Sorry Buddy, maybe next year. Then again, maybe not.

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