No one can know what it's like to be the son or daughter of Michael Jackson, except of course his kids and  Wednesday  we received the news that  15 year old Paris was rushed to a hospital after attempting  to take her own life. " Look at her life,it's not normal and  this is hardly a surprise, while this is the most serious attempt,it is not the first time. There  have been many  signs of problems before this" a source close to the Jackson family says. There are rumors Paris  has a penchant for cutting herself and when she was taken to the hospital she appeared to have multiple cuts on her wrists supporting the claim. So was it  a serious attempt or  just maybe her way of crying out for help, I'm sure she will receive the best care possible to prevent this from happening again,but this is a young girl who at age 11 saw her father lying still on a bed with his eyes and mouth open, no kid of any age should have to see that. TMZ is reporting that  Paris cut her wrists with a meat cleaver and took a large number of Motrin pills. Entertainment Tonight  added Paris attempted suicide because she was upset that she was not allowed to attend a Marilyn Manson concert scheduled for tonight in  Los Angeles. "That  might have been the straw that broke the camel's back,but  there have been problems long before this,The Jackson kids  never really got the professional help they needed after Michael died and they need it" says another source close to the family."This incident is going to go one of two ways- it will either be a wake up call to Katherine Jackson (their grandmother and legal guardian) or it is only going to get worse. Add on the stress of the  AEG trial Paris has had to testify at twice and the rumors her mother Debbie Rowe  is possibly thinking about filing a court motion to get custody of the Jackson children has made her even more depressed. Let's all say a prayer for young Paris, in the hope that she's able to get her life together and lead a normal life.