Lil' Kim is shocking her fans but not in a sexual way like she usually does. This time the rapper is disguising herself by dressing up in a look that's far from her usual wardrobe.

If you haven't seen the Wendy Williams-hosted series yet, celebrities hide their identities and dress up in crazy outfits to surprise their most ardent fans.

For Kim's episode, she dresses in something resembling an abaya, an ankle length gown worn by some women in the Muslim community. The rapper also plays the role of a pregnant lady. Once she stood among her loyal supporters waiting to get into her listening session, they had no idea it was really her.

To add to the gag, the Brooklyn, N.Y.-bred MC also used an accomplice, a woman who stood in line taunting fans and picking arguments. Between the accomplice's shenanigans and the disguised Lil' Kim suddenly going into labor, everyone was pretty much beside themselves, and still had no idea the petite performer was directly in their midst.

But all jokes come to an end, right? So finally Kim pulls off her headwear and shows fans her true self, which made them all clap and laugh in excitement.

The show also did a similar prank with R&B singer Fantasia Barrino earlier in the season.