Fred "The Hammer" Williamson can really qualify for "Most Interesting Man In The World". Former All-Pro NFL player, TV and movie star of classics like "Black Caesar", "Three The Hard Way", and "Original Gangstas", not to mention several black belts in the martial arts, he lives up the name "The Hammer".

Mr. Williamson is still working these days and he called into "The Takeover With Melz" to talk about a cool new streaming service from BounceTV called "Brown Sugar". "Brown Sugar" is a streaming service that features over 100 movies featuring people of color and the so-called "Blaxploitation" era of the 70's like "Foxy Brown", "Car Wash" and "Uptown Saturday Night". He also talk about growing up in the Midwest and what else he's up to now, including a sequel to "Original Gangstas"!