The eyes of America and the world are currently on Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray who was in police custody and was found dead under questionable circumstances that are unexplained. Social media has been ablaze with opinions and hot takes from all sides, but many have questioned the cable news networks approach to this story.

On Wednesday night's episode of "The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore", host Larry Wilmore highlights some of the more "questionable" comments and statements made by reporters and anchors at CNN and Fox News during the Baltimore riots.

"Oppression, riot, Oppression, riot is exactly the pattern that built this country starting with the "tax oppression" that lead to the tea party riot, the party you all seem so in love with." - Larry Wilmore

I definitely try my best to not get my news from channels such as these because they no longer seem to "objectively" cover the news. Its mostly opinions and in many cases "fear-mongering" (especially Fox as this clip shows). There are many positive things happening in the wake of this tragedy and I encourage you to focus on the good that's happening even in the face of a problem that is going to take some time to address. All anyone has ever asked for in Baltimore and in other cities across the country dealing with police brutality is that we hold our public officials and those who work for them accountable for their actions. While I could never condone what's happening in Baltimore, I personally understand.