Knox the purebred Boxer is our Pet of the Week.  This 3 year old doggy needs some kids to exercise with!


Officer Hetzel brought Knox by the studio and introduced us, he was a pretty calm dog inside the control room, but Officer Hetzel says Knox loves to go outside and play!  Knox can be very active and he would love to show your kids how to get plenty of exercise. Just call him "Knox the Personal Trainer".

Knox is looking for a ball to chase!


Knox is neutered, and house trained.  He knows how to walk on a leash and ride quietly in a car. He's had his shots too.


You can stop by and visit with Knox at the Temple Animal Shelter.   They have two play areas so you can get to know your new best friend.

Knox likes the Back Scratching




And good news for all you cat people, the Temple Animal Shelter has lots and lots of kittens that need good homes.  Stop by 620 Mama Dog Circle, or call 254 298 5732.  You can also check out some of the animals that are up for adoption on the city of Temple web site.


Check out the animal shelter in your town. Here are links to KilleenCopperas Cove, and Gatesville.


And remember to get your pet vaccinated against rabies. And have them spayed or neutered so we don't have so many pets at the animal shelter.