It's been a very busy few weeks in my life and a lot of great blessings have come my way as a result. I was surprised a few days back when Dotty Phipps of The Cove Banner newspaper stopped by and heard me jamming on "The Takeover" and asked to interview me about Kiss and my journey into radio. Here's an excerpt from that interview.

Started in radio roughly two, three years ago, started with sales, did it for a year,” said Green. “I wanted to do radio bad. I didn’t start being on the air until about two years ago. They forced me to practice, to learn how to speak, over and over, had to get it right.” Green laughs and says, “My biggest problem is I tend to over enunciate.” - Jamien "Melz" Green excerpt from Cove Banner

We discuss the history of Kiss as well as my take on the future of radio and I also lend some advice to anyone interested in broadcasting. You can pick up a copy of The Cove Banner newspaper at locations throughout Copperas Cove or you can view the digital copy on their website here. Many thanks to Dotty and the good folks at The Cove Banner!