(Not an actual photo of Killeen but it can get like this sometimes I'm sure!)

As the city of Killeen continues to grow and expand, some areas need more attention than others as the city repairs asphalt in certain areas around town. Here are the streets you need to be careful to take extra precaution around over the next few days...


  • 1

    Bacon Ranch Road

    Bacon Ranch Road will be closed at Trimmier Road Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. as work continues on the Trimmier Road Widening Project.

  • 2

    Crockett Road

    Crockett Road at Rancier Avenue will be closed for one week beginning Wednesday (May 4) for asphalt repair.
  • 3

    Lowes Boulevard

    The closure causing the most headaches in the city is the Lowes Boulevard at Trimmier Road closure. It continues through May 4th and this particular intersection has been a headache as drivers try to drive around in the parking lot of Starbucks. Be careful!