K. Michelle hit the late-night stage on 'Arsenio' Wednesday (Feb. 25). The 29-year-old songstress and 'Love & Hip Hop' star performed her song 'Can't Raise a Man,' one fo the soulful tracks on her debut album, ‘Rebellious Soul.’ She also dished on what it's like to be a reality TV star.

When asked how she would describe herself on 'Love & Hip Hop,' the southern singer joked about being a soft-spoken, sweet girl. She then revealed that watching herself has been an eye-opener and she understands why people often think of her as an outrageous, out-of-control person.

"They think I'm mean... but um, really if you ask the producers of the show -- they will tell you -- I was actually the calmest one on the show. I just had the best climax," K. Michelle explains.

Despite the variety of misconceptions reality TV viewers have of her, she's not bidding farewell to the small screen. K. Michelle will star in her own VH1 series 'No New Friends.' She began filming the show earlier this month. In addition to getting in front of the camera, K. Michelle is currently hitting a wealth of stages across the country as she joins Robin Thicke for his Blurred Lines tour.

Watch K. Michelle's Interview on 'Arsenio'