Two titans of teen pop -- Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson -- collided in Simpson's latest tour diary.

The new episode, which is about 12 minutes in length, shows the routine and procedures during a regular day of production on Simpson's Paradise tour. If you were ever curious about the nuts and bolts and the inner workings of a tour, this video will give you that insider's, keyhole view.

You see soundcheck and more, as it's a guided tour provided by the Aussie blond.

However, it's not just a regular day, as The Biebs joins Simpson at about nine minutes in. Wearing a wife beater and a cap, The Biebs partners with Simpson for a little rendition of his hit 'Pretty Brown Eyes,' grooving and making the girls go nuts, like bats. Cray cray!

Backstage, The Biebs jokes that Simpson used to be his little bro, but now he's his big bro, since Simpson has had a growth spurt and is now taller.

Check out the Bieber bling.

The Biebs also pimps out Simpson's new music, saying that the singer is working hard in the studio and improving those dance moves!

This video is TO. DIE. FOR. We almost can't handle this much awesomeness in one video.