Pretty much everything Justin Bieber says, does or tweets is under an extra strong microscope now in light of his marijuana photo leak. As a result, he's not only being careful, but also crafty in what he shares with fans and press. Using the exposure to his advantage, the 'Boyfriend' singer tweeted a newer album cover for 'Believe Acoustic,' and we now know which two previously unreleased tracks are featured on the EP.

Perhaps knowing he has a job to do, Biebs wrote, "Focused. #BELIEVEacoustic" and tweeted an image of the 'Believe Acoustic' album cover, this time with fun label additions of what tracks were included on the album.

In addition to the tracks that were already in the original track listing that we found for you on Dec. 22, 'Believe Acoustic' will also feature two previously unreleased tracks. The songs are called 'Yellow Raincoat' and 'I Would.'

'I Would' is also a One Direction song. Is it a cover? An original? A mashup? We're pretty excited to find out!

A difference between this and the leaked original tracklisting is that this label didn't list 'She Don't Like the Lights.' That doesn't mean it won't be included, of course, but it's not being shipped as a selling point.

The one piece of information we still don't have? What in the world the mysterious 'Track 8' will be. Biebs loves surprising his Beliebers, so it's a safe bet that we won't find out until 'Believe Acoustic' hits shelves on Jan. 29.

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