This Fathers Day lets do a little better than we did last time.  He is worth it so let try to at least get close to something he wants.  When you buy him the kooky tie its great, but you know that he doesn't  even wear ties.  Yes, mom's get more love and yes she is always the favorite, but just once can we hook dad up
. Can we take the time to show our appreciation for half of our gene pool?  Can we give honor to him who worked and slaved for us over the years just to keep the family together?

This year we've got time to turn things around and give him the honor that he truly deserves.  Get him the gift of his heart and at the least get him one thing that will make him say, "Wow, something I actually wanted!"  Now that I have given my heart and my advice I will admit that I am going to buy my dad a goofy looking tie, or some cheap woolen socks.  Why?  Its Fathers Day.....its a tradition.