Early on Judith Hill was considered one of the front runners to win this years " Voice" and while she did make to the final eight,it was still a shock to see her eliminated.So what happened? did her past association with Michael Jackson hurt her? before Jackson's death,she was chosen as his duet partner for his ill-fated  This Is It tour and she also sang at his memorial service.Could it have been her final song selection the night before  she was cut from the show? Whatever the reason she didn't receive enough votes from America to continue on with her dream to win the title of "The Voice" Judith  admits she was surprised she was eliminated thinking she had given a great performance the night before. Does she think her close connection to Michael Jackson hurt her?" I think a lot of people root for the underdog, and I found myself being considered a front runner because of my story.But once I got on the show,it was like "Judith Hill, singer with Michael Jackson and front runner."It was a lot of pressure and stress in my life that I didn't know was gonna happen". Who does Judith think will win the title of "The Voice" It's hard to say maybe Michelle Chamuel,Danielle Bradbery,Sasha Allen or Amber Carrington, anything can happen at this point.All of them are great. Now that she's no longer on the show Judith says she working on her album now, although she's not signed to a label and she is featured in the upcoming documentary 20 feet from Stardom, about background singers and how they've done so many things but people don't know their names. Judith Hill is one name we haven't heard the last of.