If you haven't watched Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Then you're missing the best drama on television.  Grammy Award Winning Producer, Stevie J., and stripper turned singer, and singer turned girlfriend, Joseline Hernandez.  He left his baby mama for the stripper of strippers, and one look at her curves will tell you why.  A hip hop dime piece with a body that turns every head that sees it, male and female. 

Who could blame Stevie J, she's tall and has no talent, and not much on personality, but her physique is so powerful that nearly every man would leave all of their responsibilities to be with her.  Only to find in the end that your trophy of trophies has been secretly sneaking out at night to be with a real man, a better man, a sexier man and by that I mean Rick Ross.  Yes, she has been cheating with tons of fun Rick Ross, Kevin Durant and according to Stevie J, 30 other men.  Stevie is heartbroken and rejected, kind of like his longtime girlfriend and his daughter felt when he left them for her. In the end love is never the word that comes to mind, because in the end its just Karma.