Freshmen aren't suppose to win the Heisman Trophy and none had until last year when Texas  A & M  quarterback Johnny Manziel was named college football's most outstanding player. Less than  year later Johnny football as he is called is being invesigated by the NCAA for accepting a five-figure flat fee for signing photos and other memorabilia. ESPN has cited anonymous sources who witnrssed the January 2013 signings that took place in South Florida but did not see a cash exchange. It's also noted that online sales of signed  Manziel photos show a lot of the 999 sequentially numbered items.Industry insiders say that is a sign they were done in large bunches and not just fans reselling items that Manziel may have signed for them.Manziel could be facing a five game suspension if found guilty,that was the penalty given to a number of Ohio State players who exchanged memorabilia for tattoos and other gifts under the same NCAA rule in 2011.The NCAA is the last major athletic organization to attempt to keep it's athletes from being paid or profiting off their own fame and accomplishment, however just recently  Texas A & M  sold a table to the general public for it's school banquet  with a chance to meet Manziel and fellow Aggie Heisman winner John David Crow for $20,000. Which points out how unfair the NCAA rules can be  when it comes to their student-athletes,however Manziel should  have known the current rule and if he chose to break the rule and cash in on his name then he knowingly put his career,season and his teammates in jeopardy.For a kid who didn't need the money because his family is independently wealthy this would be a tragic mistake.