Veteran R&B crooner Joe is the love doctor, offering some mature dating advice for the players on his latest single, 'I'd Rather Have a Love.'

"These fellas out here are afraid to do that long-term thing," he says at the beginning of the song. "They figure as soon as they lock hearts with another, something better is gonna come along. Well, that's quite possibly true. But the deal is, you're going to have to find yourself a love or you're going to find yourself alone."

On the melodic, finger-snapping ballad, Joe warns the players that having one-night stands will only lead to loneliness and unhappiness.

"Mama told me what a real me should be / She said, 'Son pick one and treat her like me' / But I took all her wisdom and used it for selfish gain," he confesses. "But now I found this girl and I see things differently / But I never thought I be ready to settle down / I was about to find myself alone, but I found myself a love."

This is a great ballad that is sentimental without being sappy. Even if you don't believe in Joe's testimony, the song is still perfect for slow dancing with your lady love.

Joe, who is celebrating a 20-year R&B career, is working on his 10th untitled album, which is due out this summer.

Listen to Joe's 'I’d Rather Have a Love'