Since she's been focused on her flourishing acting career, we haven't heard much new music from singer Jill Scott. However, she's not leaving us high and dry for too long considering she's back with a video for her new lovelorn track "You Don't Know," reminding us why a broken heart can be so achingly beautiful.

Set in a small, dark club, the video concept is a collaboration of an idea from the songstress and director Nzingha Stewart. With a strong horn section, a group of background singers and the rest of her band situated around her -- including Roots drummer Questlove -- Jill is clearly the center of attention. And you can't keep your eyes off her, especially with all of the emotion she belts out with each lyric she sings.

She questions what true love is in a powerful statement. “Tell me, do you get down on your knees and pray? / That'll never, never go away / Well, if you don’t know what I’m talking about / You don’t know nothing about love,” Jill sings.

Seeing her intense facial expressions as she performs, the words really hit you in the heart. You can grab the single on iTunes now, but there is no word yet on if this song is attached to an actual album. With Jill's focus on the big and small screens -- including her recent made-for-TV project, With This Ring -- we're just glad that she's delivering new music to our ears.

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