Movement on Marvin Gaye's biopic has grown quickly over the past few months. However, it looks like the movie will not only start filming this month but also have a new actor portray the 'What's Going On' singer.

Jesse L. Martin, former star on the police drama 'Law & Order,' has been chosen to taken on the lead role in the upcoming Gaye biopic, 'Sexual Healing.' Martin will be replacing Lenny Kravitz, who was originally slated for the role.

Gaye's son, Marvin Gaye III, wholeheartedly disapproved of Kravitz's inclusion in the film. If Kravitz didn't drop the project, Gaye III reportedly was going to bring legal action against the movie.

Despite the announcement, Martin was already signed onto the film but for another role. And it isn't his first musical role either. Martin played Tom Collins in the original production of 'RENT' on Broadway and has performed in musical theater for years.

'Sexual Healing' looks at Gaye's time in Europe during the 1980s, while he was dealing with his addictions and getting his musical career on track.

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