Jazmine Sullivan is clearly back in the music game. After releasing her previous song, 'Dumb,' earlier this year, she's just released another new tune called 'Mascara.'

With a slow and smooth R&B melody and a light beat, Sullivan sounds sultry and lures you with her vocals. However, the song might think she's trying to get you with her feminine wiles. It's more than that. The R&B singer talks about being a strong, independent woman who should be able to do what she wants -- from enjoying a strings-attached time between the sheets from time to time to dressing a little sexier.

"Don't I deserve to be privileged? / Don't I deserve to get the very best? / Because it ain't easy being this fine all the time / Cause, if it was, then we all could do it," she sings.

'Mascara' is the latest single off her upcoming album, 'Reality Show,' which is due out next year.

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