That vacation trip to the island of Cuba by Beyonce and husband Jay-Z  was a cultural trip that was fully licensed by  the U.S. Treasury Department  a source close to the couple  has confirmed. Three Cuban-American members of Congress, all Republicans from Miami had asked the Treasury Department to look into the reason for the trip and who approved it. A source has  said the trip included visits with Cuban artists and  musicians, as well as visits to nightclubs where live music was performed.The visit was planned as a "people to people" cultural visit and involved no meetings with Cuban officials or typical tourist activity such as trips to the beach the source said.Florida Senator Marco Rubio says the Obama administration's cultural exchange programs " have been abused by tourists" If the Treasury Department licensed the trip it should explain how these trips comply with U.S.  law and regulations  governing  travel to Cuba. In the end it seems Jay-Z may have 99 problems  but this isn't one!