Have you ever planned for a great weekend or a laid out something nice to wear for the next day after you checked the weather report? Oftentimes we're told we're in for sunshine and blue skies, only to find that when the next day or the weekend arrives its cold, wet or dreary.  It drives me crazy!

Being a weather predictor on television or in print has got to be the best job in the world.  I'm sure you make pretty good money, and you have job stability, because no weather man has ever been fired.  It has to be the best job in the world, because 70 percent of the time you're completely wrong, and when you are wrong nobody says a thing and you just go with it.  What other job out there can you do that allows you to be wrong so often and still rewards you? I'm gonna let you think about this one.  Get back to me when you have an answer.