I'm always up for something to do on the weekend.  And I know that people fall into basically two categories on the weekend, stay at home or get out and do something.  I like to do a little of both so I'm gonna chill a little bit and then I gotta go out and do something.  Tonight I will be hanging out at Wallstreet, because tonight they are doing something a little different.  They call it, "Play Date."  Its really less club and more play with a little mix and mingle.  They will be playing Cards, Dominioes, Pool and Video, and it just a relaxed night with the grown and sexy.  Also this weekend KISS FM is giving away free tickets to the Luenell Comedy show in Harker Heights.  Definitely going to drop by there as well.  And if you've got something planned let me know and we can talk about it live.  Request line 254-547-7235.  Ridin Slow 2-6pm weekdays on KISS FM