This is the day we celebrate the Dollar. Save one, or spend one, that's up to you.

Everyone loves a dollar. I was in the Army with a kid that would go up to every person he met and ask for a dollar. Most times people gave him one. I asked once how much he owes to other people. He said nothing. People don't chase you down for a dollar, and those that would are the ones that I don't ask. Also, people think a dollar is a good deal to get me to go away, which is why I act like an ass a lot. Which he did.

Well that's how money is made. What do you think it cost to make a dollar? Don't worry, it's not like the Penny, which, in 2014 cost 1.7 cents to make. (Government spending) The Dollar only costs about a Nickel to make. (Someone should talk to J.C. about not making anymore Penny's.) Here's some more facts about money.