After millions  and millions of dollars spent on advertising,Americans across the country go to the polls today to make their choice known in the race for the White House. Hopefully you will join Monica Reed and myself tonight at club celebrities for our post election watch party tonight beginning at 630pm to see who wins the presidential election, and just like you people that you know and watch on a daily basis will go to the polls to cast their votes today and the list of backers for Governor Romney   and President Obama is as long as your arm,here is just a partial list    who have given money,campaigned ,endorsed or plan to vote today for the candidate of their choice.Mitt Romney has the support of New York center Nick Mangold, Yankees third basemen Alex Rodriguez, NASCAR Legend Richard Petty ,Hall of fame golfer Jack Nicklaus,President of football operations  for  the Denver Broncos  John Elway and his quaterback  Peyton Manning, NBA  TV analyst Greg Anthony and  wrestler Hulk Hogan. The list for President Obama is just as impressive  starting with the Dallas Mavericks Vince Carter, San Antonio Spurs head coach Greg Popovich, baseball legend Hank Aaron, Yankees shortstop Dereck Jeter, former New York Knicks center Patrick Ewing,Green Bay Packers safety Charles Woodson, boxer Floyd Mayweather, NBA legend and owner of the Charlotte Bobcats Michael Jordan, former Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith and  former Laker great Shaquille O'Neal. The experts say it will be a close election and every vote counts, so do your part and get out and vote.