If you haven't seen the sad Kanye West picture on the web lately, then I have to ask.....where have you been?  It is the biggest web sensation because he is with his jubilant wife to be Kim Kardashian and she is ecstatic, and he is in the background sulking and looking rejected.  What is up with big stars in the greatest moments of their lives and instead of seizing it and celebrating, they either look very sad or just out and out crying.

Okay, Kanye is always a little bit spacey, but have you seen the new pics of Ben Affleck as Batman?  Yeah he gained a little too much weight and is probably the fattest Batman we have ever had, and so for him to be a little down I can understand.  However, Michael Sam just got selected to play in nearly every young mans fantasy........wait for it.......Football!!!  What were you thinking?  When its Saturday and you want to party don't call these guys, because they celebrate in a whole new way.....its called,"Sadder-Day!"