There is no female artist who has had as many hits as Mariah Carey.  She is the most decorated and accomplished singer in the world today.  She is so good and sells so well that even her Christmas Album was one of the biggest selling albums of all time.

 However, there is an old saying in the music business and it is a saying that has been around longer than any of us.  The saying goes, "You're only as good as your last hit song."

It has been a while since Mariah has had a huge hit.  Her last album featured R&B Star Miguel, and sadly no one was even remotely interested, and sales were non existent. This year things got even worse for Mariah.  The release of her new album, "I am Mariah," got lots of attention, but very little action.  Usually when she releases a new album she normally sells around 400,000 copies within a few weeks.  She released her new album nearly a month ago, and as of today things look really bad.  She didn't sell her normal 400,00 to 900,000 records, no, this time she only sold roughly 58,000 copies.  Music has changed and so have music buyers, and what was once a sure thing is now a thing of the past.  Does this also apply to the singer, or is it the buyer.  Only time will tell.