If you haven't been on the internet in a while then you probably don't know that there is a new film coming out that is based on the life of the late R&B Singer, Aaliyah.  However, if you have been on the web in the last month or so, then you know there is a big controversy over the film.  One being the content and the other which seems to be much bigger than the first is the choice to play the role

Aaliyah was known for her beautiful voice, her cool laid back style, and more than anything else her beauty.  Thats where the trouble starts, because apparently no one is happy with the choice that the directors made to play her. Zendaya Coleman is an 18 year old Disney Television sensation, and she is one of the most popular actresses for young teens.  However, Aaliyah lived a very adult life and many believe that her story shouldn't be confused with a, "Mickey Mouse Actress."  A petition has been circulating to demand a halt of the film, and to spare the legacy of the late star and her reputation.