In the world of entertainment and in the world of motion pictures there is only one voice that every director turns to for authority. A voice that commands respect and carries a sense of intellect, logic and a surety of composure.  In years past there was only one voice that carried this vocal light of importance, James Earl Jones.  James Earl Jones wielded the greatest and most powerful speaking voice of the last 30 years.  In his voice was authority, command and control.

After his retirement for public life a new voice emerged.  A voice with the authority of James Earl Jones, but with slightly more compassion.  Enter the reigning king of annunciation.....Morgan Freeman. His voice is now found in far more places and in more diversity than his predecessor.  However, if you happened to catch Morgan Freeman on his new series, "Through the Wormhole,' you will find him full of helium and talking like a small cartoon rodent of some kind.  When you watch this great voice being cast as a silly character you begin to wish for yesteryear when dignity really stood for something.  When did that change?