Coming up on April 6th is arguably the hottest comedy show of the year.  Comedian Sommore is coming to Killeen with her blazing hot, sexy and irreverent style of comedy.  After we announced the concert on the radio, the phones went wild!  Everyone tried to win a chance to go to the show for free.Those who won tickets to other concerts wanted to trade those tickets in.  If you have never seen a Sommore show, you are in for a wild ride.  She is an in-your-face, take-no-prisoners kind of comedian.  She sells out her shows in every city, and the word on the street is that hers is a show not to be missed.  But, because she is not always politically correct, is she too hot for Killeen?

Click here to see a clip of her standup act, but be warned: this is definitely not safe for work!