Okay, its one of the biggest show's on Television, and it is the can't miss thing to do. There is a pretty good cast and then there is an even prettier pretty Kerry Washington. The story is based on a real life White House Official, who brings juicy gossip, cover ups and Scandals.  I watched it for the first time and its all of those things.......but.....I was not drawn into it.  If Kerry Washington wasn't in it I don't think I would have spent twenty minutes watching it.  Some people are calling it the greatest drama ever to be put on screen, and that's what makes me mad.

Everyone knows that the greatest drama ever made for television is, "The Sopranos!"  Real life, gritty, dirty......Jersey!  You ca't get a better drama, a mob boss, a murderer, a family man and under a psychiatrists care.....now thats a show!  However, I will be buying the box set for Scandal to see it all from the beginning.