I had the pleasure of a visit from one half of the group, "Mary Mary."  Erica Campbell couldn't be more gracious and beautiful, and we talked for a great amount of time.  She shared some of her dreams and hopes for her solo career.  And while talking with her I was struck by her appearance  If you think she looks good on camera times that by 10 when you see her in person.  She is very attractive and that blessing has turned into a minor curse.

She recently booked a photoshoot for her new up coming album.  Not a big deal all singer do it, but the problem was when the photo's were posted.  The religious right screamed foul! Many in the religious community believe her photo, which is seen as very conservative by many standards was in fact too hot for gospel.  Take a look for yourself and see if this subtle and attractive photo goes to far from promoting good christian values.