I am not a big reality show kinda guy, but occasionally I will check out one or two.  The problem is, I only check out the reality shows that have attractive and gorgeous actresses playing their parts.  All the reality shows are the same, because on every show the beautiful actress walks on screen and looking rich, intelligent and successful. Then and all of a sudden they go buck wild and full on crazy.  Yelling, cursing, kicking, screaming and most of the time fighting.  Yeah, that's the best part, because every show ends with the season finale......fighting.

Any one of these women on these shows would be a prize and a show piece.  Even better, smart, charming and beautiful, but no!  Every show that has beautiful women goes for full on Crazy.  The sad part about is, I keep watching just to see them.  Not to see them act crazy, but to see how beautiful they are and how accomplished they are, and then wait for the fight.  Is crazy the new sexy?