The fun run that's sweeping across America is coming to Central Texas.

It's the Insane Inflatable 5K. We've set up a 5K course and will be placing inflatable obstacles in your way. If you're have a tough time imagining that, check this out.

How about a look at it through a "first person" camera.

Now a lot of you might be like me. Well not like exactly like me, because not that many people are that big, but you might be thinking it might be tough, and has anyone ever done this and was unable to get through the obstacles? Funny you should ask. Here is a clip of the Hungry Hungry Hippos team.

Also, no one says you have to be sober to do this. It's not meant to be a serious race. It's meant to bring out your inner child. Come on, admit it. When you see kids playing in the bounce houses, you get a little jealous. You know you do. Well, we've built them to fit the adults. But you should know, the ticket price goes up on Friday, April 10th, so get yours today.