Iggy Azalea often gets clowned on social media. Over the weekend, it was Saturday Night Live’s turn to mock the Aussie rapper who recently announced that she’s leaving both Twitter and Instagram altogether.

Kate McKinnon did a spot-on impression of Azalea in a hilarious skit, which lampooned the rapper’s cultural appropriation of hip-hop and her social media feuds.

In the skit, the “Fancy” rapper stars in her own eponymous talk show. Her guests are rap nemesis Azealia Banks, played by Sasheer Zamata, and her hip-hop cousin Rafty Drones, played by host Chris Hemsworth. Iggy and Rafty offer hip-hop tips for rappers, including using gun sounds when you run out of words to say.

Elsewhere on the show, SNL poked fun at Fox’s Empire, which has become the breakout television drama of 2015. In a digital short, the hip-hop drama returns with a funny promo featuring the original cast and one new member.

In an effort to bring diversity to the all-black cast, Chris Hemsworth joins the series as Chip the office manager. "Now, we've got a white dude with khakis," proclaimed the ad for the show.

Chip is the gullible office worker who attempts to do his job while chaos ensues in the workplace. In one scene, when the two brothers (played by Michael Che and Jay Pharoah) are fighting in the studio, Chip walks in and asked them to sign the birthday card because it’s Cookie’s birthday.

Speaking of Cookie, Zamata shows off her excellent Taraji P. Henson impression and plays Cookie with hilarious results. At one point, she tells Chip to “take a dip.”

In another funny scene, when all of the family members are fighting in the conference room, Chip frustratingly yells out, “I thought this was a meeting for email etiquette.” Oh, Chip.

Overall, it was great see that Hemsworth not only is handsome but has the comedic chops to perform alongside the zany cast of Saturday Night Live.

Watch Saturday Night Live's Empire Television Promo Digital Short