Think about it. If they gunned me down, what picture do you think the media would use to create a racial bias? That's exactly what people are asking on Twitter with hashtag #IfTheyGunnedMeDown, giving a voice to one of the biggest problems we face in the modern age of police brutality and racism through the eye of multimedia.

For instance, the media has already switched gears on the killing of an unarmed black teenager last weekend in Ferguson, Missouri, changing the story from police misconduct to a racially charged protest that turned violent and lawless. I'm not saying the kid was in the right or wrong--I want to make that clear--but is the police's job to protect and serve or to kill our children? Let's not forget: Ferguson Police are refusing to disclose the name of the shooting officer. Who are they protecting, there?

And what about Michael Brown? Or Trayvon Martin? I've got two teenage boys of my own, and I live in a world where I need to tell them to be wary of the police, because they might become their next victim. If they gunned down my boys, what picture would they use?