Twenty-five years ago, Ice-T wanted to see change in the world around him. As a young man with a rap career that began in the early '80s, he had the ability to detail personal struggles and social ills in his lyrics. Listen to songs like 'Colors' and 'I Must Stand' to hear his warnings about gang life and how "vicious" the game really was on the come-up. He was looking for a way out and through his own tenacity, the 'Rhyme Pays' creator did just that.

"You're a sucker," Ice-T tells The Boombox, calling out those who don't take advantage of valuable opportunities. A look at his own career trajectory proves he walked through the open door in his path to become an actor. With no prior experience, Ice did what he urges the youth to do: he applied himself. "Watch me act, motherf---er," the Body Count frontman shares. 'Law & Order: SVU' is a perfect example of the fruits of his labor.

Take a look as Ice-T discusses how he used hip-hop as a platform for change.