This Interview is 18 years old now. Study, this is the real rap god.  No one is as intelligent as Pac. I challenge you to find one artist that is as forthcoming, in depth, articulate and what a visionary he could almost see the future. Ok anyone other than Kanye West maybe. Who I also love. Yes, I said it Kanye West. Seriously, sometimes I feel that we as a people weren't worthy of TUPAC, we had one of the most real, intellectual, beautiful, talented revolutionary and what did we do to him?…We waged war, we attacked and destroyed him! The only man who loved us and who was fighting for us. As a people we have to start fighting against our own and our own best interest. Some may say Pac was crazy. He was crazy about how we as a people are being treated and no one was saying or doing anything about it. He saw things that no one else could see. He's my favorite and always will be. RIP TUPAC...cccruz