One word can describe this spring's music scene....."Happy!"  If you have been living on another planet then you would have no idea who Pharrell Williams is or his huge hit, "Happy."  It is by far the biggest crossover hit of the last 5 years, but did you know that the song was orginally written for someone else..........Cee Lo Green of the Voice.  He was the first choice to sing the song, but passed on it.  If you think that this is just a case of bad judgement your right and it happens more than you think.

Toni Braxtons huge hit "Unbreak My Heart was written for Celine Dion.  One of Mariah Carey's biggest Hit's, "Hero," was written for latin singer Gloria Estefan.  Beyonce's, huge R&B Mega Hit "Irreplaceable" was written for a country singer...Faith Hill.  These missteps and bad decision making are like an alarm going off in my head and hopefully yours too.  How many great opportunities have we walked away from, by not really thinking it through.