The  first weekend of this years NCAA tournament is over and just like many of the so called experts predicted there were surprises,my bracket was shot the first day and i'm sure yours is too, after all who expected a number 15 seed Florida Gulf  Coast making their first tournament appearance to advance to the sweet 16 knocking off number 2 seed Georgetown and then # 7 seed San Diego State i sure didn't.Three of the top four number one seeds did advance, Gonzaga was the only number one to fall early,but their were other surprise teams other then Florida Gulf Coast , Wichita State advanced as a #9 seed as did 13th seeded La Salle setting up a crazy sweet 16 round that begins Thursday.Florida Gulf  Coast will face powerhouse Florida in the next round and although they probably won't be given much of a chance, the world will be watching to see if Cinderella can continue on in the tournament La Salle faces Wichita State in the next round meaning one schools dream for a national title will end, but one of the two schools advances to the elite  eight. I still have  Louisville winning it all but woudn't it be something if the little guy (Florida Gulf Coast ) won it all, one can dream can't they?