Okay, first of all Robin Thicke is dumb!  Okay, I got it out there, and I am sure I am feeling what every red blooded man in America is feeling.  Paula Patton......need I say more....yes....a lot more.  She is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and every man with a pulse would jump through fiery hoops for for her and do it blindfolded and backwards.  The good news is that she is moving on and ready to start all over and that means a new man.

It is no surprise that the applications are piling up on her doorstep, but they are all from A-List Movie Makers.  I think the way to her heart is to be simple and to be yourself.  If you go up to her and say are your parents terrorists....wait for it......cause you are the bomb.  I think it can work, because she has got to be tired of fine dining, expensive clothing and mansions, and being treated like a star......really, you got a shot.