We are getting close to the weekend and its a payday weekend.  The question is, how are we going to enjoy our weekend.  Some of us just like to take it slow and relax and maybe have a good meal or dine out.  However, the rest of us like to go out and have a good time, and by good time I mean music and drinks.  There is a song we play on KISS FM and it has been the topic of many on-air conversations.  The song is from an artist named, 'Miguel and his song is called, "How Many Drinks."  The question arises in the song which asks a woman how many drinks will it take to go home with her.

It seems like a simple song but for every woman I have asked this question I have gotten a different answer from each one of them.  So........how many drinks does it really take to get you to go home with a perfect stranger.