The talk of the nation is this Wednesday's upcoming Powerball drawing, that at the time of this article, was at $1.4 Billion, and what they would do if they won this historic prize. Meanwhile, I'm wondering how did the jackpot get this huge? The answer was very simple: By design.

According to Think Progress, the states that run Powerball changed the rules that made it harder to win the jackpot. When you have more losers and less chances for grand prize winners, the jackpot will only stand to grow, thus, more folks will be enticed to play. Now there is a flip side to this. Notice how you or someone you know may have won a "smaller prize" after the last drawing? That's because those same rules changes make it easier for you to win a smaller prize while making winning the grand prize more difficult.

So enjoy dreaming about quitting your job and flying to your private island, because your odds of winning the jackpot went from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 291 million..... Yes, I'm saying there's still a chance.