Okay, we have all heard about the Solange- Jay-Z Elevator fight.  The reports came out with video showing Solange going full Floyd Mayweather on Jay-Z.  Just to be clear she could gone for the full K.O., but the bodyguard stepped in.  It's just like a man to always need help from his homeboys when fighting a 90 pound young woman.  My argument isn't why they got into the fight, but rather, why did Beyonce feel she shouldn't have to jump in.

A grown man in his 40's with a criminal past of gun packing and drug running, and known to be very violent.  Jay-Z is seen as a hip-hop Godfather to many in the hip hop and thug culture and is respected by 99 percent of street hustlers.  However, when Beyonce saw her baby sister go H.A.M on her husband she didn't even flinch.  Could it be that she knows Jay-Z isn't as tough as people think or is it that she knows from experience that her baby sister can fight.  Just a thought.