We now know the name of the man who went inside a burning home to rescue a disabled man.

This is how we first learned about the mystery man and his heroic deed.  Video of this Fresno house fire shows the stranger around the :50 mark disappearing into the smoke and later emerging with 73 year old Robert Wells draped across his shoulders.



Later the videographer looks for the rescuer, she mistakenly thinks it is the guy in the green shirt.. Uh no.  We need the guy in the blue shirt, blue jeans and blue hat.  Where is he?


Gone and nobody knows who he is! Until now!


I found out from Monday’s Inside Edition that the rescuer's name is Thomas Artiaga, he's a 48 year old truck driver. Tom talked to the Inside Edition folks.


Fresno Bee YouTube



"I was driving by actually and I heard the girl screaming her dad was in there. It was just instincts to help out someone."


Robert Wells, the man who was rescued, talked to the Fresno Bee about the fire and the man who saved him.



I just love it when a real life story has a happy ending!