I love Candy Crush Saga and I am not ashamed to admit it.  Yes, I have paid for some extra moves. Yes, I have bought a Lollipop Hammer or two.  Sometimes you just have to have to get some help. Don't Judge Me!

Believe it or not there are some people out there who have no idea just how exciting Candy Crush can be for "those not coordinated enough for real video games".  It is so simple, yet it can be so frustrating. It helps to have visual aids.  Check out this "Honest Trailer for Candy Crush Saga!



That is so true!  I know all you Crushers can relate!

But you know, "Anti-Crushers", we really just do it to kill time.  You know doctors office, waiting for the car to get repaired, downtime at work, downtime at home, downtime in the backyard, in the living room, in the kitchen, downtime anywhere!


Okay I admit it, my name is Julia and I am a Candy Crush Addict!  I have been stuck on level 861 for about 2 weeks now.  Am I going to give up?  NO!  I just need somebody to advance me about 20 dollars on Google Play so I can buy some of those Hammers!

Who's up for an early Birthday Present for Julia?