Remember when you were in elementary and high school when your school held class elections? There was always that ONE kid that ran that promised outlandish things like "longer recess", "pizza and cake for lunch", "better playground equipment", but never gave you any SPECIFIC idea on how they were going to get it done? Basically, in my opinion, that's what Donald Trump's campaign represents. So when the "meeting" took place earlier this week, a lot of folks came away with no clear vision or even reason as to why the meeting was held in the first place, which, in recent hours, has caused several of the pastors to get the "side eye".

According to NPR though, only 50 pastors actually attended the meeting that lasted 2 1/2 hours. Issues were discussed but it was mostly a "PR" and "marketing" scheme by Trump that may not have worked, as only a handful walked away endorsing the candidate. Bishop Paul S. Morton explains why he didn't attend the meeting.

Now I'm not knocking meeting with Trump. Nothing wrong with meeting with someone to air out your grievances, but you also gotta recognize when you're getting played, or at least try to do a better job of not showing that you're ponying up to a billionaire in the hopes of a future financial hookup. And of course, all these "pastors" left without any SPECIFIC plan or ideas from Trump as one of his "endorsers" Dr. Steve Parson got dragged by Roland Martin who when pressed for specifics, couldn't tell say any. Here's a "Bishop" that SHOULD HAVE GOT AN INVITE!