Just like you, I'll be sitting on my couch Sunday afternoon, cell phone and laptop near, watching 7 consecutive non-stop hours of football, checking fantasy scores, enjoying the sport that has captured our nation's attention for a few decades now. The NFL has become a sports juggernaut, and there's no doubt in my mind that that will be the case for quite awhile, but with that growth comes more scrutiny on the way the heads of the league run things. I'll spare you the dozen plus running scandals the league has currently going on, but this latest PR mistake has me saying "Hell 2 Da Naw Naw" for real now.

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Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams recently petitioned the NFL to allow him to wear pink shoes or pink wristbands for the remainder of the season outside of the league's "Breast Cancer Awareness" month campaign where it allows players to wear pink uniform accessories during the month of October. Williams, whose mother Sandra Hill died of breast cancer last year, wanted to do this in dedication of her, but the league and its "hard line" denied his request despite the fact that the league has NO problem using Williams' story for public relations purposes (there's a promo produced by the NFL featuring Williams sharing his story).

Consider for a moment that the league is using "Breast Cancer Awareness" to stuff its own pockets. According to an article by Business Insider in 2013, the NFL gives a "shockingly" small amount of the money generated by its accessory sales to the American Cancer Society. To say that Mr. Williams can't show his support for this cause the league claims to care about is messed up and very contradictory. Although I'm not a fan of his team, I salute Mr. Williams for showing his support for this cause, and to the NFL, I'll let the good Bishop sing it for you....